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How to Use Greenery in Your Wedding - Budget Ideas & Inspiration

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Greenery provides a classic, timeless alternative to flowers and allows you to create a wedding that is lush, minimal, and stylish. The term “greenery” is basically green wedding foliage, fresh or dried, that is incorporated into your wedding décor and bouquets.

While it has historically been a filler material in floral arrangements, many couples have now embraced the idea of using mostly greenery, with minimal flowers, to reflect their wedding style and to stay on budget.


Here are some practical reasons to include more greens in your décor, especially if you are hosting an outdoor or backyard wedding!

  1. It’s robust – Fresh greenery tends to hold up well in direct sun and heat without wilting or browning.

  2. It varies in color and texture - It ranges in color from the lovely sage green of eucalyptus to the bright green of lemon leaf.

  3. It can be more cost effective than flowers - When used strategically, it can save you money (see more on this below).

  4. It's DIY friendly – Using simple greens are fast and easy ways to decorate.

  5. It will not aggravate allergies like flowers can.

  6. It fits well with many popular wedding themes including Modern, Romantic, Rustic, Boho, Classic, Garden, Woodland, Tropical, Eco/Organic, Winter, etc.


Bride & Groom Holding a Greenery Bouquet By adding floral greenery to your décor, you can achieve a lush look that is full of vibrancy without going over budget, but here’s the catch. The savings comes with using greenery effectively meaning you will have to determine where it will have the most impact in your décor.

Contrary to popular belief, and floral professionals, greens are not necessarily cheaper than flowers because it takes more greenery to fill the same amount of volume that flowers use in standard arrangements. 

The good news is that you don’t need that much of it to achieve a gorgeous and decorated look.
Elaborate installs and hanging arrangements will cost about the same as flowers because the expense and time is approximately the same for a florist and their team to install the décor on site and then take it down. This is especially true if equipment rentals are involved.

In other words, anything hanging or tall is going to be more expensive so try to keep designs simple or avoid them altogether if you have a limited budget and if you are decorating your own wedding venue.


Here are some tips to pick the right type and style of greenery for your wedding day.

Seeded EucalyptusSeeded Eucalyptus: Bouquets, Centerpieces, Garlands, Scented

English IvyEnglish Ivy: Bouquets, Centerpieces, Garlands, Head Wreaths, Hanging Arrangements

Dusty MillerDusty Miller:  Bouquets, Centerpieces, Wintery Vibe

Israeli RuscusIsraeli Ruscus: Garlands, Centerpieces, Bouquets

Italian RuscusItalian Ruscus: Boutonnieres, Corsages, Flower Crowns

Silver Dollar EucalyptusSilver Dollar Eucalyptus: Bouquets, Centerpieces, Wreaths

PittosporumPittosporum:  Centerpieces

Leather Leaf FernLeather Leaf Fern: Centerpieces, Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Cost Effective

Monstera LeavesMonstera Leaves: Bouquets, Centerpieces, Hanging Floral Arrangements, Backdrops, Table Settings, Tropical Look 

Baby Blue EucalyptusBaby Blue Eucalyptus: Bouquets, Wreaths

Plumosus FernPlumosus Fern: Small Bouquets, Bud Vases, Short Stems

Lemon LeafLemon Leaf: Bouquets, Centerpieces, Adds Fullness

MyrtleMyrtle: Centerpieces, Fragrant

Honey BraceletHoney Bracelet: Centerpieces, Bouquets

Boxwood Boxwood: Garlands, Decorative Accents

Spanish MossSpanish Moss: Centerpieces

Bells of IrelandBells of Ireland: Bouquets, Centerpieces

Reindeer MossReindeer Moss: Centerpieces, Table Runners

Smilax VineSmilax Vine: Bouquets, Centerpieces, Garlands

Succulents Succulents: Centerpieces, Bouquets, Boutonnieres 


Reception Chairbacks Decorated with Greenery There are many ways to incorporate beautiful green foliage into your wedding day without breaking the bank or requiring excessive amounts of time and effort on your part. Here are our best tips for a budget-friendly, greenery-style wedding:

    1. Combine greenery with a few simple elements like candles and lighting and white or ivory flowers to elevate your wedding to royal status! Frankly, all-green foliage can become a little boring so breaking it up with a few gorgeous blooms and/or candles that catch the eye and give your arrangements more interest. Keep in mind that the flowers do not have to be real. A few pale colored blooms from the dollar store can really do the trick!

    2. Rent live or artificial trees for ceremony and reception entrances. Have them moved from the ceremony to the reception for double duty.

    3. Use greenery garlands on tables rather than individual centerpieces which require vases and fillers, etc.

    4. For evening events, consider adding miniature LED string lights to your designs. The light will reflect beautifully off smooth green leaves and add some romantic sparkle.

    5. Keep centerpieces and garlands streamlined and minimalistic by using one type of greenery sparingly. 

    6. Add greenery to areas that will be photographed the most – tables, bouquets, cake, ceremony focal point and reception head table or sweetheart table.

    7. Combine greenery with inexpensive white or ivory tulle fabric.

    8. Hold your wedding in the spring or summer months when there is already an abundance of green foliage and flowers available at cheaper rates.

    9. Avoid elaborate hanging installations as they can be expensive.




Wedding Aisle with Greenery and Candles Bride Standing Under a Greenery Arch Couple Standing Under a Greenery Arch Greenery in Buckets Couple Standing Under a Greenery Arch Greenery on Chairbacks Cermony Seating Sign Green Foliage Down the Aisle Draped Greens Over Wedidng Arch Couple Standing Under A Greenery Arch Wedding Aisle with Greenery Decor


Greenery Wedding Bouquet With Flowers Greenery Wedding Bouquet With Flowers Greenery Wedding Bouquet With Flowers Greenery Wedding Bouquet With Flowers Greenery Wedding Bouquet With Lavender Greenery Wedding Bouquet With Flowers Greenery Wedding Bouquet With Flowers Greenery Wedding Bouquet With Flowers Greenery Wedding Bouquet With Flowers Greenery Wedding Bouquet With Flowers Greenery Wedding Bouquet With Flowers


Reception Table Greenery Reception Table Greenery Greenery Decorated Chairbacks Reception Table Greenery Reception Table Garland Tropical Greenery Centerpiece Greenery Wedding Centerpieces Greenery Wedding Centerpiece Napkin Greenery Accent Moss Table Runner Green & White Reception Centerpiece Green & White Reception Centerpiece Tropical Wedding Centerpiece Reception Table Garland Wedding Centerpiece with Leaf Garland Reception Greenery Decorations Winter Centerpiece Reception Table Garland

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Wedding Cake with Green Accents Tulle and Greenery on a Chairback Greenery Themed Wedding Favors Votive Candle with Green Vine Wrap Greenery Boutonniere Moss Ring Pillow Succulent Wedidng Favor Greenery Themed Save the Date Wedding Cake with Green Accents Tealight Candle with Green Vine Wrap