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Creative Vase Filler Ideas

Wedding Vase Filler IdeasVase fillers area  fun and easy way to fill space in a vase, help support flowers, weight a vase, and add color, texture and interest to otherwise ordinary clear glass or acrylic vases. Fillers can also emphasize your wedding theme. For example, coordinate items such as shells and starfish for a beach-themed event or silk fall leaves for an autumnal wedding. 

This page is full of ideas to get you thinking of the things you might be able to use at fillers in our wedding centerpieces as well as your home decorating. Most of the wedding fillers below are eco-friendly, as well as inexpensive, and/or can be used after the wedding for home decor, gifts, or even eating! You can find many of these fillers in nature, at your local grocery store, and our shop! Hover over or click each photo for more information.


Brown Sugar Candy Cherries Cinnamon Sticks Coffee Beans Cranberries Dried Beans Fortune Cookies Lemons Limes Marshmallows Mini Pumpkins Nuts Oranges Pasta Shapes Peas White Rice


Aquarium Gravel Bath Salts Beach Sand Branches Cut Flower Stems Dyed Water Feathers Flower Heads Grass Large Leaves Lavender Buds Natural Sea Glass Pebbles Pine Cones Potpourri Real Rose Petals Shells Spanish Moss Rope


Acrylic Ice Colored Foam Blocks Decorative Objects Diamond Confetti Fake Snow Glass Gems Holiday Ornaments Faux Pearls Lights Marbles Shredded Cellophane Shredded Mylar Silk Fall Leaves Water Storing Crystals Water Pearls


Aqua Beads Vase Filler Beach Glass Vase Filler Cut Flowers Vase Filler Aqua Beads Vase Filler Coffee Bean Vase Filler Diamond Confetti Vase Filler Faux Ice Vase Filler Diamond Confetti Vase Filler Faux Ice Vase Filler Faux Pearls Vase Filler Faux Snow Vase Filler Glass Beads Vase Filler LED Vase Sliced Limes Vase Filler Pebble Vase Filler Candles in a Vase Rope Vase Filler Shell Vase Filler Shredded Cellophane Vase Filler Faux Leaves Vase Filler Sand and Shells Vase Filler Acorn Vase Filler Acrylic Ice Vase Filler Faux Pearls Vase Filler Faux Snow Vase Filler Fish Gravel Vase Filler Glass Gems Vase Filler Spanish Moss Vase Filler