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How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

How to Choose Your Wedding Venue- Tips & Questionnaire Your wedding location sets the tone for your entire wedding. Possible choices include churches, museums, gardens, family homes, restaurants, beaches, vineyards, yachts, mansions, castles, etc. Consider the following top requirements as you are deciding on a location to interview further. These questions can usually be answered by visiting a venue's website.

    • Vision - Does the venue fit with the vision/theme you both have for your wedding?
    • Budget - Is the venue a location you can comfortably afford?
    • Guests - How many guests can the venue accommodate? 
    • Weather - What are the weather possibilities for the date you are choosing?
    • Amenities - Is it a full-service venue or can you bring in your own vendors and décor?


    1. Is your facility available on my wedding date?

    2. Is your location easy to find?

    3. How many guests can you accommodate?

    4. What is peak season is for this location?Reception Table Setting

    5. Will ours be the only wedding on that day?

    6. What do you charge?

    7. Are you willing to work within my budget?

    8. What suggestions do you have, given my needs and budget?

    9. What are the deposit and cancellation policies?

    10. How many car parking spaces are available? Do you have valet parking? What is the cost?

    11. Are there any restrictions for example numbers, noise, curfew?

    12. Do you allow confetti or rose petals to be thrown?

    13. Do you allow candles to be lit in the reception room?

    14. Do you have a Public Address (PA) system that can be used for speeches?

    15. What facilities are available if the weather is poor?

    16. What decorations do you supply for the reception?

    17. Do you have special arrangements with, or details of local hotels for guests to stay at?

    18. May the photographer/videographer visit the location beforehand?

    19. How many hours does the rental cover? Does this time period include set up and clean up? What are the overtime charges?

    20. Is there a dance floor? How big is the dance floor? Is the dance floor a separate area or do they set up tables on top of it? If it's not a separate area how do they handle moving the tables/guests before the dancing starts?

    21. Can you have live music?

    22. What's the lighting like? Does it have a nice ambiance?

    23. Can I see photos of previous wedding set-ups?

    24. Does your facility come with a coordinator?

    25. What are the tables like and how many can sit comfortably at each one?

    26. What photographic locations are there?

    27. Do you have an in-house caterer, a list of approved caterers, or can I bring my own?

    28. Is your facility licensed to serve alcohol?

    29. Are there other area activities for guests who have traveled from afar?