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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer - Tips & Questionnaire Choosing a wedding photographer ranks among the most important of your wedding day decisions. Your photos last well beyond your wedding day, and serve as a lasting keepsake. Therefore, get the best photographer you can afford.

First, do your research. Get recommendations from your friends, relatives and wedding fairs. Book your photographer early, as good ones fill their schedules months or even years in advance. Experienced photographers are well worth the investment. They help you and your guests feel comfortable while capturing the magic of your day in exactly the way you envisioned. Be sure to ask the following questions when interviewing candidate photographers.


      1. Who will be doing the photography the day of the wedding? Do you have an assistant?

      2. Are you a member of a professional association? What kind of training did you receive?Bride Sitting on the Floor Looking Up

      3. May I see samples of your work? Can I see an entire wedding album?

      4. What type of film/digital medium do you use?

      5. Are you familiar with my wedding site? Have you photographed a wedding at my location before?

      6. What do you charge? Are you willing to work within my budget?

      7. What suggestions do you have, given my needs, budget, location?

      8. What is your cancellation policy and payment schedule?

      9. Do you guarantee your work? (Be sure the guarantee is in the contract.)

      10. When will the photographs be ready? Do we get to keep the proofs or CD copy?

      11. What time will you begin photographing and how long will you stay?

      12. How would you describe your style? Candid, formal, photojournalism, some of each?

      13. Can you work from a wedding photography checklist that we provide?

      14. What kinds of albums do you use and how do you arrange the photos?Beach Bride

      15. What types of wedding packages do you offer and what do they cost?

      16. Do you have backup equipment?

      17. How long do you keep the negatives/digital copies and will you sell them to me?

      18. Do you have a back-up plan in case you can't make it to our wedding?

      19. Will you need to visit the location before the wedding?

      20. How long have you been photographing weddings and is this your full-time job?

      21. How long does it take to produce the final wedding album?



Free Printable Photography Flowers ChecklistThis free printable wedding photography checklist will help you decide what pictures you want to have your photographer capture.