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More Accessories

Shop our collection of bridal accessories including rhinestone bridal appliques, garters, hand muffs, capes and crystal shoe clips for your wedding day.

Veil Weights - Pearl Oval

$11.99 $9.99

Don't let the wind spoil a single wedding photo! Crystal veil weights magnetically attach to any veil and keep your bridal look intact. They are a must have for outdoor beach weddings! Pearl oval veil weights hold your veil in place while adding an...

Rhinestone Toe Rings


Going barefoot during your wedding? Add some sparkle to your toes with these trendy rhinestone toe rings. Great for beach and garden weddings. Each ring is expandable and is best worn at the base of the second toe. There are 16 rhinestones on each...

David Tutera Rhinestone Beaded Applique

$9.95 $6.95

A rhinestone beaded applique by David Tutera is perfect for adding sparkle and glamour to your special day. Add a touch of elegance to your special day by applying this beaded applique to gowns, bags, belts, sashes, and more. Each applique is 2.25 inches...